About Us

Since we focus on conversational English in our sessions, we, as LingLang, offer exclusive English classes where you may learn everyday English and have the opportunity to practice and enhance your English language skills.

LingLang was founded in the year 2021. It was founded in Raleigh, North Carolina. The founders of LingLang are English as a Second Language professionals with several years of expertise. They now professionally instruct hundreds of students from all around the world in English.

LingLang’s mission is to provide the best language education possible!

Home Sweet Home

We bring the exclusive English classes to your home. Now you can have your English lessons at the comfort of your house.

Dedicated to Your Success

We professionally instructs hundreds of students from all around the world in English.

Accredited Certifications

You will be awarded with an accredited certificate at the end of your courses.

Classic Experience

We combine conventional methods with modern teaching techniques in an interactive way.

Personal Development

Speaking a different language than your mother tongue also helps you become a more confident person.

Flexible Learning Options

Learn anytime, anywhere depending on your desire of duration of the class.
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Expert Instruction

John Serra

English Tutor

Ersin Kubulay

English Tutor