Where Are You From?

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What’s The Word?

Map of Europe

Match the country and nationality.

Complete the table.

Country flags

To Begin

Read the dialogue.


Chan Hello. My name is Chan. What’s yours?
Anneke Hi. My name’s Anneke.
Chan Anneke? That’s an interesting name. Where are you from?
Anneke I’m from Netherlands. What nationality are you?
Chan I’m from China. I’m Chinese.
Anneke What’s the capital of China?
Chan It’s Beijing.
Anneke Nice to meet you, err …Chin?
Chan Chan.
Anneke Oh, I’m sorry, Chan.
Chan It’s OK. Nice to meet you too, Anneke.

Now read the dialogue aloud with your partner/teacher.

Have similar conversation using your own personal details.

Reading The Pictures

Write the nationalities.

The verb “To Be”

Match the nationalities according to the picture below and type your answer.

Listening – I

Listen and choose the correct answer.

Ready To Write

Complete the letter with ‘to be’


Your turn!